Senior Python Systems Engineer (potentially teamlead)

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Do you like working with data? Do you like the challenge of building high-performance systems with elegant architecture? Are you passionate about code quality (PEP, unit tests, code reviews within Merge Requests)?
Do you bloom in an environment, where every developer is encouraged to critique solutions (in a kind/non-personal way) to strive for excellence of the product rather than staying silent and looking the other way?

If yes, you might enjoy working with us! We are looking for a python developer, who would like to grow with us. As part of our team (currently 9 developers and data scientists), you’ll be part of building the central piece of Software that manages the execution / result handling of our many different data ingestion + transformation modules. This software includes:
* A data revisioning system incl conflict handling
* In-depth data quality validation (heuristics + rules)
* modules to support the performance of the data ingestion+transformation modules
* data anomaly detection
* REST API (powered by Flask and OAUTH)
any many more parts.

Your role includes a high degree of responsibility, as the Software you’ll help building is the central piece pulling every other module together. We are looking for someone who is very reliable, who keeps cool if shit hits the fan, and who is self-confident enough to step up and strive for the best possible solution at every occasion.

Our stack is: MongoDB, Python3.7+Pandas, Docker + Swarm. You must already have extensive experience in Python, the rest can easily be learned on-the-job.

If you feel like you might be a good fit please drop us a message.