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Michael Feldman, PhD


Michael is a data scientist with 12 years of experience in data analysis. He wrote his PhD dissertation in Collaborative Data Analysis at the University of Zurich. He earned his Masters in Information Systems at the Ben Gurion University (IL) and wrote his Master’s thesis on the topic of data quality.

Patrick de Boer, PhD


Patrick is a scientist and data engineer with 13 years of professional and academic experience in software engineering. He wrote his PhD dissertation in Crowdsourcing Systems at the University of Zurich. Before founding PeakData, Patrick was CTO of the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT and earned his Masters degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich

Mathis Kappeler, MSc


Mathis has years experience within various fields of software engineering. He wrote his Master’s thesis on Place Recognition and Loop Closure for 3D Mapping at the University of Zurich. He completed his Applied Mathematics Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oslo.

We are a team of 12, passionate about Artificial Intelligence and crunching data.

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