Influence mapping for KAM is a key differentiator for Pharma

by PeakData

Rob Wood, founder of STEM, today commented that of the 1000’s of account managers audited by STEM across the entire industry that two things are clear. Firstly, that ‘Influence Mapping’ is the biggest opportunity for companies to enhance the effectiveness of their account plans and that secondly, when you compare the top quartile account managers with the bottom quartile account managers, ‘Influence Mapping’ is the biggest differentiator of high performance. With influence mapping being such a big differentiator, what could be done to improve influence mapping at your firm? Read on, to learn how you can hit the ground running with an existing influence map.

The challenge

After government approval of a licence for a new product, Account Managers spend a lot of time trying to identify  who will be the key stakeholders for their launch product and how to reach them. Regulatory constraints limit what can be done pre-launch. This can take months and is further aggravated by Covid dramatically reducing access to valuable sporadic hospital-floor interactions.

How PeakData can help

At PeakData, we specialise in unearthing publicly available HCP data that often fly under the radar of conventional manual searches. Our proprietary AI-powered software Healthscape can mine data covering the vast majority of the HCP’s in a target market. Through crunching those insights and the way they are interlinked, it turns up key information on the leading figures behind the data, including heads of departments, chiefs of service, principal investigators, and formulary decision makers and influencers.

At its finest, PeakData’s Healthscape platform power lies in tracing ‘breadcrumbs’ of relationships in order to detect who those key decision makers are, whom they are connected to and the nature and strength of those relationships, so as to identify the best indirect pathway that connects pharma account managers with them. It does this through insights obtained from breadcrumbs of insights scattered around the public web in a compliant manner. It can even combine all this with internal company data for a fully integrated, 360-degree influence map. Because Healthscape uses a powerful swarm of AI’s to source its information, it always captures the most up-to-date information from any source. Healthscape is the most advanced automated pharma-specific KAM support tool on the market – we invite you to get familiar with it by getting in touch with us or requesting a free demo.

Deploying Healthscape towards influence mapping on an account level, allows you to get a bird’s-eye view on the influence-network within your target accounts pre-approval, and focus on working the account right after getting the approval.

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